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Blades Against Racism

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We are Sheffield United. Let’s live up to the name.

Our aim is to promote anti-racism in stadia and online by sharing the Blades Against Racism message with as many fans as possible.

What do you get and when?

Badges and stickers are being produced as we speak. We will work as fast as we can to get the bundle through your letterbox.

Please DO NOT order more than you need. We want to spread this among as many fans as possible.

50 pence for postage
The Blades Against Racism bundle costs 50p. All monies received will contribute towards the postage and packaging costs associated with sending the bundle.

Get involved

Anti-racist causes are much more than badges and stickers. We know that. This is a starting point with no fixed destination. We're inviting all Sheffield United fans to get involved, and as part of that, we especially want to hear testimony from BAME Blades.

Read our blog at demblades.co.uk
Email us at hello@demblades.co.uk